May 6, 2019

found the experts I needed

"I, unfortunately, have had the need for physical therapy on several occasions, so let me start this review by describing my typical experience:-Rarely the same therapist on each visit, often unfamiliar with my injuries -Little consistency with exercises, often requiring equipment I don't have access to at home -Lack of information on how the exercises will address my injuries -Lack of clarity on what my home routine should be -Hospital-like environmentJust 10 minutes into my first session with Cindy at LifeStyle's for Health, I knew I had finally found the experts I needed to get well. She started by asking questions about my injuries, then proceeded to explain causes, and how the exercises will help to heal. On day one, she provided unambiguous "homework" instructions, requiring no special equipment. I had the same therapist almost every visit, who gave me the opportunity to ask questions, and ensured my technique was solid.They are located in a converted home, providing a calming atmosphere ideal for the sessions. My injury is almost 100% cured due in large part to my time at LifeStyle's, and I have the tools to stay healthy going forward. I can say unequivocally that if you are serious about repairing your injury with physical therapy, the team at LifeStyle's will provide the guidance and give you the tools to be successful."
June 19, 2017


"Had another great workout today. Cindy is the best and has made a huge difference in my life and health. "