May 30, 2023

"I was with Lifestyle's for Health for physical therapy before. I also tried other therapy clinics but amongst all of them Lifestyle's for Health is the best. Very homely and clean. Shiva gives a very personal care and interest not only physical but also emotional. She is very friendly, passionate, considerate and knowledgeable with her work. I highly recommend Lifestyle's for Health. Shiva deserves more than five stars."
April 26, 2023

"Shiva is a phenomenal therapist! Very friendly, caring and passionate with her patients. I would give her 10 stars.. Thanks again for all your amazing positive work."
March 18, 2022

"If you need therapy, I highly recommend going to Shiva. She is very passionate for her work and you see it in your recovery. She helps heal more than the injury, and she deserves more than 5 stars,"
August 23, 2021

"Shiva is a phenomenal physical therapist! She genuinely cares for all her patients. She is professional, thorough, personable, a perpetual optimist and a wonderful motivator!! A million thanks to a one in a million physical therapist!!"
August 20, 2021

"I had trouble finding a therapist that explained “why” Shiva took the time and talked me through what I was doing, and worked within what I was comfortable yet educated and pushed me. I feel sad that I’m done but happy she helped me be able to keep up strengthening on my own."