Senior Exercise Programs in Glendale, CA

Fitness can take many forms, depending on the individual. LifeStyle’s for Health is here to help make sure your approach to personal fitness is customized and tailored to your goals. To that end, we offer different types of classes and senior workouts focused on aerobic training and low-impact movements.

All of our classes and senior fitness programs for clients in Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, and Los Angeles County, CA are designed to be restorative to the body and generally safe for most individuals. We address back issues, balance exercises, strength, nutrition, and overall functional fitness and body movement as gait trainers. We also have a physical therapist on staff to ensure the right programs and workouts are being administered to those with special needs.

Cycling Classes

Cycle ClassesMonday and Wednesday at 5:30pm, $15
Our cycling classes are low-impact cardio classes, combining heart rate training with fast-paced music. This class is suitable for all fitness levels! Classes are modified to accommodate all levels of experience. Expect to gain top cardio fitness, become stronger in the abs, hips and legs, while limiting impact on the joints.

Chair Pilates Classes

Pilates ClassesTuesday and Thursday at 4pm, $20/class or prepay $120/8 classes
Our chair Pilates classes in Glendale, CA combine balance exercises, strength training and core conditioning with mind/body awareness in a small group fitness environment. The Pilates Fitness Chair provides an open frame that is stable, accommodating different body types. Chair exercises like these ones complement other fitness activities. Expect to:

  • Improve balance
  • Expand your body’s range of motion
  • Increase flexibility & function
  • Tone all muscle groups in the body

Personal Training

Functional FitnessIn addition to personalized fitness plans and general classes, we also offer an a la carté selection of personal training options for motivated individuals. Our options include:

  • 30-minute session: $50
  • (8) 30-minute sessions: $360 ($45/session) (2 sessions per week)
  • 1-hour session: $95
  • (8) 1-hour sessions: $680 ($85/session) (2 sessions per week)
  • Buddy training (you and a friend): $95/hour
  • (8) Buddy training sessions: $640 ($80/session) (2 sessions per week)
  • (6) Whole-body vibration sessions (15 minutes): $90 (2 sessions per week)

For more information about the individualized personal training options and senior workouts we offer or to inquire about pricing, please contact us today by calling 818-243-9586.

Chair Exercises

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